What He Has Begun He Will Complete

What God has already begun he will bring to completion!

There has been a sense of something new beginning... There have been many words about this being a season of abundance and seeing the fulfilment of dreams. This is an encouragement to many people who have been holding dreams and desires close to their hearts for a long time now. These seeds began growing when the Lord first planted them there... These seeds have been nurtured and prayed over for many years now, but as we step into this new season of abundance, these things that had already begun in you are coming to fulfilment.

Some things will come to a point of completion and some things will be well on their way...

In this new season, let your faith arise and see that God is turning it around where hope had been deferred, and where disappointment tried to overcome you. The Lord is right now turning your desires into a tree of life! He has been waiting for such a time as this! The Lord's timing is perfect, so wait patiently, continue to seek Him and see it all unfold in front of your eyes!