The Beginning Of A New Era

We are entering a new era where there will be a distinctive move of God. What we will see will have Father's fingerprints all over it.
We mustn’t get caught up in how things look.
Perceptions may be altered according to our own personal belief system.
It’s time to come up higher to see from Father's perspective, as the floodgates of heaven have sprung open and the great outpouring has begun.

It’s the beginning of a new era. This new and distinctive move of God may show some characteristics of past revivals but will also reflect new and unprecedented moves of God. Get ready for radical transformations, radical turnarounds and many "suddenly" moments. Enter this new era from a place of rest and see Him do the rest! A rested heart puts faith in and emphasis on the One. It’s a trusted heart that faithfully steps out the Father's plans. Our true identity is restored to the body of Christ as our trust is built upon His strong foundation.

Perfect love will lead the way. All you need to do is follow suit...

This new era will be defined as the reformational harvest!
It is a new reforming of many souls!
It is calling them into the kingdom!
It is soul harvest time!