Living Your Life To The Full - Part 3

The account of Jesus walking on the water appears in three of the gospels. Matthew’s version is unique in that it also includes Peter’s experience of joining Jesus on the water. The Passion Translation records this occasion like this:

Peter shouted out, “Lord, if it’s really you, then have me join you on the water!”
“Come and join me,” Jesus replied.
So Peter stepped out onto the water and began to walk toward Jesus. But when he realized how high the waves were, he became frightened and started to sink. “Save me, Lord!” he cried out.
Jesus immediately stretched out his hand and lifted him up and said, “What little faith you have!
Why would you let doubt win?” (Matthew 14:28-31, TPT)

For good reason, much has been said about Peter’s lack of faith in this passage. However, it is important to consider this:

Peter still got out of the boat.

He did not:
- question Jesus’ invitation
- wait to hear it two more times for “confirmation”
- go on a 3-day fast
- let his concerns prevent him from taking his first step
- consult his calendar
- pray about it
- write up a 5-year plan
- check to see if the planets were aligned

Peter got out. Yes, there was fear. Yes, there was doubt. But Peter still got out. He did not wait for the perfect moment, or force his own version of God’s timing. He heard an instruction and got out.

Too often, we wait for the perfect moment, and in doing so we miss the moment. Or, we over-spiritualise God’s call and spend time “seeking the Lord” for confirmation, when he has already given a clear direction.

Too often, we wait for the perfect moment, and in doing so we miss the moment.

Some businesses sell gift vouchers with an expiry date. It’s a win for them because they know people frequently don’t get around to using them. They know people wait for the “perfect moment” to redeem them, then miss the moment altogether. We know this because we have done it ourselves.

Why do humans do this? Why do we create “perfect moment” scenarios in our minds that never come around? Why do we keep the good set of towels, or the good dinner-set in the cupboard unused for years? What are we waiting for?

Sadly, people do this with their purpose in life too. Don’t get to the end of your life and wish you did more with it. You are more likely to regret that you didn’t pursue your dreams, than if you did. People can - & have - missed out on everything God has for them (like their dreams, purpose, calling, job, spouse, etc.) because they got stuck waiting for a moment before pursuing it.

Imagine what would happen in your own life if you started to trust God more and started living out the desires he has planted in your heart. We believe 2018 is your year. Let this be the year that you apply for that job or course you’ve always wanted, or start your small business, or write that book or song, or start those music lessons, or ask that person on a date, or go on that holiday, or ____________________ (fill in your dreams here).

We only have one life on earth. What are you doing with it? Are you waiting for a moment? Or are you living your life to the full? Start today.