Resurrection Power Is Bringing Dead Dreams To Life!

There has been a few significant times in your journey that you’ve felt strongly that the Lord has spoken something into your heart. You’ve pushed these dreams aside as thing after thing seems to get in the way of it. I sense now the Lord is breathing his Resurrection power on those dead and dormant dreams that you’ve kept hidden and in secret. But it’s time now for these dreams to be restored and to become a reality!

There has also been hope deferred... There were things you were believing for, whether it was healing of a loved one or a promise that fell away...  The Lord is restoring all the lost years and the things stolen from you. Let him breathe healing into you where disappointments and devastation tried to overcome you. Let him reignite those dreams, visions and divine revelations and see them come to life again - and see them unfold before your eyes!

It’s a time of restoring, a time to see Life breathed on his plans and purposes, and a time to see the multiplication that will come as you open your heart and fill it with faith and continue to dream even bigger!